Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meet little Miss Morgan....yes she is THAT adorable and sassy too....mmm huh! We just love when she comes over to our house to play and she's so fun to photograph!!! Smooches. ~ah

Monday, April 21, 2008 one of the cutest couples that I've ever met...."Whitney and Brian"...and let me just tell ya five minutes around these two lovebirds and your looking around to hug someone! They are THAT IN LOVE. They have SUCH a cool, romantic, sweet...and one of those indulging stories that you read about in a book. You of those books where your so caught up in the love story that its almost not even real and the guy on the front cover looks like Fabio-but airbrushed really REALLY good. Prepare yourself because this story is going to make you say "ahhhh" just like it did mine.

Okay boy and one girl wake up one morning in separate states, separate cities, living separate lives...board a plane to Cabo...yeah CABO SAN LUCAS not really expecting much but a good time, good weather, an awesome beach etc etc...and what happens...uh got it friends....cupid fired his arrow and the rest is history. Here's two crazy kids on a fun filled trip not knowing they were set out to find each other-not knowing they were going to fall in love-not knowing they would be talking about the rest of their lives together. I know, I makes me wanna cry to. It's okay. You can cry-I dang near did. Okay, so Im talking like I was there but Im honestly telling the story just like they told it to me...with a little mix-in like they do on the Geico commercials.

I just love these two! Their story is so touching, so inspiring so sureal that it makes you believe in fate and destiny and all that cool stuff you sprinkle pixy dust on to make come true. I am soooo happy these two found each other and so happy that Brian transferred to KC to be with Whitney which whom he is now happily engaged to....and yeah you guessed it...their getting married in no place other than Cabo San Lucas. Everyone now....."ahhhhhh".

And one more thing...yeah these two ARE really this cute....photoshop goes a long way but let e tell ya..I was up front and personal with these two and YES Brian is just as dreamy as he looks in the pics and Whitney well...what can I say...shes strikingly pretty. Thats it.....Im done. Happy viewing. Smooch. ~ah

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sometimes the early morning 'mom I just got out of bed pictures" turn out so dang cute!!! ~ah

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gosh I love my job!!! Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting three different shoots with three amazing girls!!! We had so much fun and each of their pictures were taken with a twist of grunge-which of course is the craze these days! You girls seriously rock and again-make me look so good!!!! What a great weekend! Smooch! ~ah
You can call this "sassy thang" Danielle....

Allegra "oh so pretty" in front of the Cane.
Rock'n out 70's style with Lauren....