Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Invisible......

If you're like me.....I always "heard" stories about the invisible children of the world who lived in cardboard houses, who didnt have food to eat, or clean water to drink. If you're like me, the stories that you would hear touched your heart, but you never really knew HOW to make a difference, or felt like you had the TIME to make the difference. If you're like me....those children-those people...they were not a part of my small world, or my thinking process on a daily basis...if you're like me-I reached out to the homeless and hungry on special holidays because in some weird way I thought that giving a little money would eventually earn me a golden seat. If you're like me...your world can change in literally a blink of an eye.....

A few years back my husband was introduced to an organization called HeroMakers. HeroMakers is an organization that thrives on bettering the lives of womean and children who live in poverty-stricken cities of Mexico. A couple times a year he leaves the girls and I behind and travels to a small Mexican city called Reynosa. Theres no phone contact, no email, no snail mail-just time for him to reflect on his own pearls, his own personal relationships and to build new ones with the invisible children that he has grown to love so much over the years. Even though it is difficult for us to watch him leave, we love watching his excitement and faith work in so many ways-which makes it easier for us.

I have listened to his stories and have envied his travels for a long time. Every time he comes home from one of his trips his faith grows even more and his dedication multiplies by the hundreds. After several years of hearing his stories he helped introduce a new family mission to HeroMakers and this past summer the girls and I (along with 7 other individuals) took our first family trip to Reynosa. My eyes swell when I think about the orphanages we visited...I had no idea the kind of impact my husband had on so many beautiful children. This was an eye-opening, emotional, loving, fun (whatever adjective you want to throw in) experience of my life. Its one thing to hear about hunger, and its another to see it. Its one thing to hear about children who dont have parents, and its another to hold them in your arms.
The pictures below are from a colonia we visited where houses were made of cardboard and sticks-families were hungry and thankful for the food we were giving them.
love. the. invisible.



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joe and Lisa

Road trip anyone? I had such a great time going to Great Bend Ks to shoot Joe and Lisas wedding-I love out of town weddings-even though it was a loooonnngggg day. :) Lisa-you looked absolutely b.e.a.utiful! I forgot what country living sunsets were like-it was a beautiful ending to a beautiful day.


It has been for-ever since I've posted anything......and the sad part about it is that I took Jon's Senior Pics what seems like a lifetime ago!!! Jon-I am so sorry to just now be getting your images are such a Rockstar- I had so much fun getting to know you. You totally rocked your pics......thank you for being "you" and having fun and making the most out of your really did an awesome job!!!