Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jon and Kristen - The Main Event

First of all....I love weddings....LOVE LOVE LOVE them....I never get tired of going to weddings, shooting weddings or even wedding crashing.....just kidding.
I love meeting with brides and grooms and I especially love watching all the planning and details come together to create something both beautiful and memorable.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jon and Kristen a month ago. When I first met Jon and Kristen they told me to meet them at their wedding site...which was the home of Jon's parents (Judy and Ken). I instantly thought an outdoor October wedding was going to be beautiful...however...I had no idea just how beautiful an outdoor wedding was capable of being until I entered a little piece of heaven that I like to call....The Hawkinson Plantation. :) Jon and Kristens wedding site-was the most beautiful place I had ever seen-thanks to the hard work of Judy and Ken. I honestly felt like I was on vacation somewhere. I wish everyone could see this place! (for all you blog readers out there a few bucks will make me talk) ha

Kristen and Jon-Thank you for letting me be a part of your very special day. Your wedding was an absolute dream and I am so happy to know the both of you, and your families. Your love for each other is beyond words. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.


The Main Event & Reception- The Hawkinson Plantation
Caterer - Carmen's Italian

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crystal and Doug - Engagment Session

Crystal and Doug....thank you for letting me be a part of your first round of pictures! I love you both so much!!!
Crystal-it seems like JUST yesterday you were just a girl and now you're all grown up and getting married. I can tell you and Doug have a super sweet love-and I know you will be making memories that last a lifetime....
I heart you both. ~ah

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boudoir Special - Saturday November 14th


Monday, October 12, 2009

Brooke and Peter

Last Saturday I had a blast photographing Brook and Peter's wedding....The Loretto is such a romantic venue-and Brook did a stellar job on every little detail. I was so amazed on how beautiful both the wedding and reception area looked. I can only imagine the time and effort she put into everything...from designing the cake, to floral arrangements, to making sure Myron and Jackson (the two cutest little guys in the world) were fashionably dressed. I must say it was a bittersweet cold day for outdoor pics-but Peter, Brook and the entire wedding party totally pulled it off with style.

Wedding - The Loretto KC,MO
Reception - The Loretto KC, MO


Kristy and Joe

Kristy and Joe-I LOVE you both. :) I cant even begin to blog about what an amazing experience it was for Lex and I to fly to NY (then by train to NJ) to shoot THIS wedding. Joe and Kristy have an amazing story and once you learn it you will realize their true test of love.
Joe and Kristy met in Vegas. Theres nothing wrong with finding your soul mate in Vegas...other than neither one of them lived there! Joe lived in Kansas City and Kristy lived in NJ. Most people would instantly think that two people who meet like this would not last....but FIVE years later, several trips to KS and NJ in between Joe and Kristy decided it was time to get married! Kristy just moved here earlier this year from Jersey-a place that was all too familiar of home!

I never really put all the pieces together about what an experience it was for Kristy to move here from Jersey. I guess when I met her earlier this summer I just thought it was cool that she would move here for Joe....HOWEVER, the minute I stepped foot in the home that she grew up in - watching her surrounded by her family and lifelong girlfriends-I knew the day she left Jersey had to be the hardest day of her life. Im almost crying just typing this! I can not express the love Kristy's family and friends have for her, and just how much they miss her in Jersey.

I can honestly say I was so honored to be a part of this romantic day. Both Kristy and Joe looked absolutely amazing. The Park Savoy was decorated to the 9's and I have never seen so much food in my entire life! :)

I love you both so much-I know you will be blessed with a lifetime of happiness. ~ah

Wedding - The Park Savoy Florham Park, NJ
Reception - The Park Savoy Florham Park, NJ


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ryan - Senior are such a trooper!!! I know getting your Senior pics taken was not what you really wanted to do, but your mom is so happy that you did! You are such a handsome boy- and I am so happy to know you and your family. Thank you for being such a good sport- i think towards the end you were really kind of having fun! ha ha


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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jen and Toby-The Main Event

Jen and Toby got married at the Pilgrim Chapel in was one of the most intimate, romantic places I think I have ever shot at. I was so excited to shoot their wedding because I had such a fun time meeting them at their engagement session - and I just KNEW we were going to have a fun time. Jennifer looked absolutely stunning in her dress-it was hard for me to stop taking pictures of her! Not to leave Toby out...but you know it is all about the bride right? ha I think you can tell from the images below Toby looked extremely handsome as well.

I wish Toby and Jen the happiest marriage of all time. They are truly amazing people and I am so happy to know them.~ah

Wedding - Pilgram Chapel KC, MO
Reception - Nara KC,MO

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