Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back Row: Jenny, Kelly, Robin, Rita, Kerry, Jane Front Row: Crissy (who just had a baby and looks Uh-Mazing), Kristen, Holly, Sharon, Shonna and yeah-yours truly.

It's girlfriend day!! Yeah Yeah!!! and a few of my girlfriends decided that every year we would take a girlfriend picture. (thank you Jarrod Hoskins photographer)-ha. You of those memories you look back on in 50 years and say "ya know...I WAS pretty and Lord look how skinny I was". haha So...we scheduled the picture a month in advance so everyone who worked could take off, everyone who had KU plans could be there blah blah blah etc etc etc...All in good planning! Well the day we took the picture had to be the windiest day in HISTORY!!! I think the winds were clocked at 51mph!

Even with the wind blowing through our hair the pics turned out pretty good and we had a great time. Thank you girls-I love ya so much! We missed you Jeri Sunshine. Big Kiss. ~ah

The Annual Father/Daughter dance at our church! We had so much fun. Mom's werent allowed-unless you were taking pictures (hint hint).

Electric Slide Daddy!

Let me just say the boys on the photography forums are asking me who this hot mama is!!! ~ah

Uhm....can i just say I love this picture of Curt....MEOW! I can say that because I've known you forever! xoxoxo ~ah

I LOVE this picture....and you know wasnt
even MY idea!! Thank you Curt! :)
I had my first photoshoot with some of our coolest friends in the world-Curt and Kristen. I love you guys so much and your photoshoot turned out SO good. You two make me look good! ~ah

Ah...this is little Anna Montana- we call her that because she LOVES Hanna Montana. :) Everyone needs an Anna in their life-she is one of the cutest little girls I've ever met-and she is SO POLITE! I love her!!! If you have any questions about horses just ask Anna because she knows everything about them!!!! We took this picture at Anna's favorite place-her horse barn! Thanks for the photoshoot Anna! Smooch! ~ah

Uhm....has it really been that long since I blogged? Wow I am soooo not a good blogger. I told my photographer friends that I wouldnt be good at look at me....its been forever since I blogged. Sorry friends. I know, I know....i keep getting emails from people wanting to know whats going on in the world of Amy and well....way too much that's why I havent blogged! :)
I've had several photoshoots that's keeping me busier than ever! I cant wait to post all my work.

I've had so much going on the last couple of months I really cant get it all in under one blog....probably the biggest news I have is that I left my full time job of ten years, plus two years of contracting work, at Sprint. I cant believe it either!! ha ha I had an opportunity to take a Voluntary Severance Package so...yep I did it. Honestly, I didnt even give it much thought-the company offered the package and well...I took it. I talked it over with Jarrod for roughly three minutes and submitted my VERY unlike me not to dissect it 180 degrees, sit on it for a year and then decide. haha. What can I say Im a planner! Thank you Jarrod for giving me the boost I needed! Im so very happy with my decision and this is allowing me to stay on top of things a little better in my photography world. Plus, I have some really cool stuff in the hopper with some old friends that Im going to be diving into (work wise) so Im absolutely thrilled with whats around the corner for me!

What else What else....

Oh...I surprised Jarrod not too long ago with a plane ticket to New Mexico to go skiing with his cuz'n Jud. Since he always puts on a smile with all of us girls in Colorado every year skiing I thought it would be good for him to have some "guy time". allowed me to get caught up on some girlfriend time. Yeah you know who you are. Yep Yep.

The girls are doing great-driving us crazy as usual but in a good way. We are planning a trip to Chicago this summer because Emme is wanting to check out the Chicago Art Institute-she is an amazing artist and I know she is going to fall in love with my home away from home-CHICAGO! She is so anxious to go-the city is going to love her free spirit. Lexie is looking at colleges in Nashville-she is really wanting to go to Belmont and I hope she makes it there. She is a great singer and wants to play her banjo there. We have so much faith in her. We feel way too young to have girls talking "college stuff". UH!!! :) And then Marin...well Marin is just excited to get out of grade school and hang out at the pool this summer. Boys are still gross-which daddy loves. haha

So much else but so little time to type it all down. KU's gotta run.

Love to you.