Thursday, August 28, 2008

NO-There not twins

But Jill and Michele look a lot alike! :)
My girlfriend Jill and I hit the streets of Paola for a Brides Unleashed session. As you can tell she ROCKED the pictures. God love her if I ever make the cover of Photographer magazine! ha
Jill and I go way back to our Drexel school days-and I always have the best time photographing her and her family. **A big thanks to John for being such a good sport! Love ya guys.
You can see more pictures of Jill on my Brides Unleashed gallery.

Makeup by: Alicat Artistry-Paola Kansas

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet Linda and Travis

We spent about 3 hours together just hanging out in the west bottoms having the best time ever. I absolutely loved photographing these two lovebirds. They make my job look so easy! I cant wait until your wedding....were going to have so much fun! I love ya two!
On location with me was Emme O-second shooter. Thanks for your ideas Em-you 'da best girl.


Michele and I met at the Miami County Carnival in Paola Kansas for her Brides Unleashed session. We had such a fun time-as you can tell from the pictures Michele is easy to photograph AND she's very pretty-so the carnival guys were lets just say eager to help our every need! Thanks Michele for such an awesome time-I had so much fun.

Check out more pictures of Michele on my Brides Unleashed Gallery.
Makeup by AliKat Artistry-Paola Kansas


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meet Michaela

I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Miss Michaela (aka Miss Softball Scholarship Michaela)!! Uh dont wanna mess with this girl!
We had such a fun time going down to the bottoms and hanging out. She is so pretty and so fun to be around-I instantly liked her mom and sister Alex within the first five minutes of meeting them.
Its been a long time since I've heard the name Michaela. My beautiful niece was named MaKayla-and we miss her so much each and every day. Its a beautiful thing to hear the name and to smile knowing I made a new friend with the one name that is so dear to me.

I know.....I KNOW!!!!

So....several people have asked why I dont have my blog posted on my website anymore....really theres no excuse other than the fact that...IM NOT A GOOD BLOGGER!!! So my mid-year resolution is to get better at blogging AND to do it more often. Honestly business is just busy and I've been slacking.....hence why I havent posted anything since MAY. :( Im going to try really hard so everyone back off ! haha
Smooch! ~ah