Friday, September 18, 2009

Lindsay & J-The Big Day

Im always excited to meet new people....but when I had my first initial sit down with Lindsay and her mom Kim...I just knew I was going to have a blast with this one! Kim knows one of my besties-Kelly Murphy Boule (life coach/hypnotherapist/nutritionist) so from the get-go I just knew that anyone who crossed Kellys path I was going to L.O.V.E!
Lindsay and J have such an amazing story-one that I didnt know until the night of their reception-and honestly one that I'll never forget........Lindsay and J met at a bar that Lindsay ran into after being mugged one night away at college! YES-MUGGED! Can you even imagine? Funny how when you least expect it you find the love of your life!
Honestly there were so many great pics that it was hard for me to decide which ones to post....Im sure you can tell by looking at them the night was extremely memorable. I think my two favorite pics of the entire night are the two I posted below of Lindsay at the reception listening to her dad make a toast to her and J. I've attending a lot of weddings, but his speech was top-notch-even I had tears in my eyes.

Lindsay and J-you two are absolutely is sooo my pleasure knowing the both of you. Smooch. ah

Wedding - Destination Mexico
Reception - Meadowbrook Country Club OP, KS

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