Monday, February 1, 2010

Meeting 50

I've never given much thought to age before....its always just been a number to me. I don't base my life around wanting to be 21 or wishing I could be 16 again....or should I hang out with this crowd because their my age, or should I hang out with this one because their not! Age has never been a big deal to me and I've never really understood the hype of turning a certain milestone. I love being 35-I love who I am, what my life story has,is and will be...and I love being around those who teach me, inspire me, and basically people that make me happy-I dont care if their ten or ninety two. Whats a number when you get so much joy out of who they are as a person?

I love my different crowds of rocker friends that keep me living free and in the now, my high school girlfriends that I can talk and revert back to old times with, my work girlfriends, my every day girlfriends that I just HAVE to talk to, and my girlfriends that I have met through the love of my church that I could never live without....all makes, colors, sizes, religions,hair color, personalities and I love them all.

Some of my favorite girlfriends in the whole wide world are the ones that I just got back from Daytona with. See, this wasn't just a girl getaway to the beach-this trip was about a milestone-it was about three woman who are turning 50 and one who is 15 years away. It was an escape and remembrance of our lives. For the first time I understood what it meant to turn a certain age. I think its a feeling of accomplishment and no regret. Its about falling in love, finding yourself, raising children, being secure in your skin and most of all enjoying life. Its not a number - its a reflection.