Thursday, December 27, 2007

So sorry I haven't blogged for the past few days Christmas has taken a tole on me and I've been real sick! :( I'm getting better though! Thank you to all my wonderful friends and for all the new friends I have met over the last month or so thru my blog who have wished me blessed Christmas wishes. You guys rock! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday as well!

I'll have a new slideshow on my website soon called "Lexie's Story" sure to check it out I got some awesome pics! ~ah.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Meet Jackson....who on 364 days out of the year is the smiliest little guy you will ever met! However on this day Jackson was not happy that his dad woke him up from a nap on a bittery cold day to get his picture taken. And guess shows in every picture. ha

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lex and I went out for a fun-filled photoshoot in the snow with the temps at a blazing 18 degrees! We planned to do a shoot for about 45 minutes, but when we got there Lex realized she forgot her gloves, her coat was made more for a 50 degree day and that she forgot to put on socks with her slip on shoes! So needless to say we played in the snow for oh....well.......fifteen seconds! ha ha. God love the teenagers!
This is a cool shot of the snow all around her and the trees in the back-its a different shot for Lex since she likes more of the grungy scene! ah

I love this picture of Marin because it was taken at random. She thought we were done with our photo shoot and I clicked this when she had no idea. I called her slideshow Innocence because her attitude towards life is so very Innocent. She's a girl with a saddle and no horse-unless you ask her when her friends are around and she'll let you know that her and Uncle Jeff have worked out a "deal" that his horses are her horses-so technically she has 5 of them! ha Marin has such a unique and captivating spirit about her that makes her truly unique. You just cant help but see her innocence. Although if you ask her sisters shes a pain! :) -ah

Friday, December 14, 2007

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took this spring. This is a picture of my brothers little boy Hunter inside Papa Bill's old red truck. Some of the best memories my brothers and I have from our childhood is riding around with Papa Bill in this very truck. In January our lives were devastated with Papa Bill's sudden passing. I love this photo because it reminds me that through the lives of our children his legacy still lives on. ah

Thursday, December 13, 2007

This is one of my favorite shots of Miss Emily that her and I did in Westport. Theres really nothing creative about this picture other than the colors surrounding Em. I love this picture because its simple and fun and the colors really bring out the best in Emilys eyes. Funny story......I was on cloud nine during this photo shoot because right after I took this picture we had two guys come up to us and ask if we were sisters! WOW...could I have felt any better? So here we are walking around Westport...Im on cloud nine feeling like a million bucks right!! I mean come on heck yeah I am. haha. So here I am on cloud nine, walking around shak'n my thing when we decide to do some shots over by the Hurricane...which came out totally cool b/c the pics were really grungy and hip. So in the middle of our photo shoot this old man walks up to us and asks what were doing....Im describing the type of pictures Im trying to create with Em blah blah blah...then out of the blue he says "is she your daughter". Okay so not as good as '"are you two sisters".... but nonetheless Im dig'n it. So here Em and I are giggling like two junior high girls when out of the blue the old man drops the bomb and says "when is your new baby due". All of a sudden my world was yanked right out from underneath me. I felt this burning sensation in my eyes, horns began to pop out of my head, Emily started running for dear life!!!!! I gain composure and say "excuse me" and he looks at me like no big deal and says "well you look like your pregnant-whens the baby due". Im like HOLD THE PHONE MAN....Im not pregnant its a windy day and I have on a big shirt!!!! With a snap of the finger I decided to go home and throw up lunch. :) haha...Just kidding-I didnt throw up lunch but the king size snicker bar I felt like devoroing that night was NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! :)

You can find more pictures of Emily under my slideshow section. Or check out where you can find Emily's slideshow featured under the slideshow of the month! ah.